Thursday, May 6, 2010

Final Post;m guessing this is the last post for this term. We are nearly 100% done, we just need to edit sound a bit and teak a few things.
I learned ALOT this term. Aside of getting to know the team better, I got to know myself better. I was very comfortable working in a team. I was actually kinda sad to know this project was eventually going to come to an end. Knowing that we all pitched in different abilities and talents to help create a project was amazing.
I know now how to do an amazing jib jab animation with a great quality look.
It helps working with very talented people and having all of them give you their different opinions.

The animation that inspired me the most this whole semester, I guess, was...several...I mean, first short animation that inspired me was:

And the feature animation that inspired me this term was:

:D If working in studios in this much fun (I bet its twice the work, I know its awesome!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

late post part 2

State-o-mind: better
Task at Hand: improving daughter lip sync
On The Horizon: finishing this and helping other
What is working: after effects is better and i am not as stressed anymore
What is not working: trying to organize myself during finals
Other thoughts: I know this is going to look awesome once we completely finish this. It so cool and nerve wrecking to see files I worked on be enhanced by someone else. I mean, I feel like truly EVERYONE is putting their sweat in tears into it. I just feel like I want to give back that effort as best I can because that's what I feel I am getting from them.
Thats why I stress...
But that won't stop me from doing my best.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


State of Mind: jolly
Task at Hand: daughter lipsync
On the Horizon: finishing by thursday
What is Working: so far, pretty good

What is not Working: N/A
Other: yay, 4 weeks....*goes sob into a corner*

Friday, April 9, 2010

another late blog

State of Mind - Tired. I'm not inspired today.
Task at Hand - Mom expressions and other stuff
What is Working - getting much better and fast at photoshop
What is Not Working - i lost a good file of work and re did it....>_<
Other thoughts - Glad to be almost done.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

State of Mind: overwhelmed
Task at Hand: susan mouth shapes
On the Horizon: more stuff...
What is Working: pretty much everything, getting better at photoshop everyday

What is not Working: N/A
Other: *crossing fingers to finish this by next saturday*

Friday, March 26, 2010

State-o-mind: better
Task at Hand: mouth shapes for soldier
On The Horizon: stuff...
What is working: stuff i guess...
What is not working:
Other thoughts:none

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Starting from scratch

State-o-mind: alright i guess
Task at Hand: finished for 2D, yay time to do other homework.
On The Horizon: new project, new assignments
What is working: stuff i guess...
What is not working: catching up with other homework (spring break kinda sucks when you have homework to do...its not really a break)
Other thoughts:Just busy. Really. Ugh. Need to catch up...